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Cooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship

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Getting Big Results from Small Groups is a training manual for Small Group Leaders. Church staff may use it for training new and continuing leaders. Leaders may use the manual as a self-training manual.

Read the Online Version
Read the Manual in Spanish (pdf)
Read the Manual in Finnish
Order the Updated, complete manual (English)

How to Read the Bible is a six-week class targeting seekers with plenty for life-long church attenders too. Your curriculum includes teaching notes, masters for handouts, overhead transparency masters and MS Powerpoint presentations. The content for this series Includes:

  • Eight principles for reading and applying the Bible
  • An overview of Bible history using the Crossways Bible Timeline
  • An introduction to the Bible showing how the Bible came from God to us through inspiration of biblical writers, collecting of the canon by the early church and transmission of texts.
  • How to buy a Bible
  • An introduction to Bible translations
  • A Bird's-Eye View of the Bible--helps group members read portions of the Bible between sessions.

Read How to Read the Bible - Contents
Read a New Look at Bible Translations
Order the complete manual

These materials have been used numerous times in many churches.

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