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Cooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship

The Bible is the world's most widely distributed book. 2.5 billion copies were distributed between 1815 and 1975.


Session 1
Why read the Bible?
Principles of Bible reading
A Bird's Eye View of the Bible (homework)

Session 2
Bird's Eye View, continued
Understanding Bible Shorthand
Why Should I Trust What the Bible Says?
How the Bible Came from God to Us

Session 3
Bird's Eye View, continued
Sections of the Bible
Panorama of the Bible, Part I

Session 4
Bird's Eye View, continued
Panorama of the Bible, Part II

Session 5
Bird's Eye View, continued
Buying a New Bible
Finding the Translation that's Right for You

Session 6
Bird's Eye View, continued
Bibles on Computer
Principles of Bible Reading Revisited
Where Next?

By Rev. Dave & Carol Weidlich
Cooper Mountain Presbyterian Fellowship

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